How to Take Action

Our mission

Have you read and considered our mission?

  1. Recognise: Acknowledge opportunities to run and attend better events; having less impact on the environment around us.
  2. Take action: Look around, appreciate and adopt alternative solutions that will reduce emissions associated with an event you are organising or attending.
  3. Share: Promote your actions and share your vision with others; encourage others to take responsibility too.
  4. Offset: Support climate change mitigation projects for unavoidable emissions by your event or an event you are attending.

If you feel aligned to our mission, then we welcome you to get involved.

What steps do I take next?

Next time you go to a festival, check what if the organisers are saying on their website about environmental initiatives.

  1. Are they advocating improved waste management, compostable toilets, alternative transport options, leave no trace policies?
  2. Are they taking responsibility for the events direct impact on the land or looking at carbon offset options?
  3. Are they staging a sustainable carbon-neutral event? If there is no information on the festival website that details its sustainable initiatives, are there any in place?

If not, it might be worth getting in touch to ask why.

When it comes to being a responsible festival goer, there are several simple ways that you can get involved.

  • Buy a Treecreds Carbon Carpass so that you can offset your travel emissions.
  • Use one of the personal ashtrays available at some we give away at event gates s to ensure you’re not leaving behind any cigarette butts.

If you feel your personal impact is significant or are for example flying to an event, consider purchasing a One Tonne carbon offset or tee-shirt from the Treecreds store.

If you have recommendations for improvements, please get in contact with us – we’d love to hear them.