The Team

With combined backgrounds in the arts, music, entertainment, and environmental sectors, our savvy team provides a creative edge in determining the best way for your business to embark on a sustainability journey and tell your story.

treeLea Lewin

General Manager

Lea has been committed professionally to sustainability for over 15 years working across public and private sectors in both commercial and not-for-profit companies.  

Lea joined Treecreds founders (Richard, Chris and Zsolt) a decade ago and has been instrumental in building the premium carbon-offset solutions provider we are today.  Alongside her role managing Treecreds she works at independent think-tank Beyond Zero Emissions  as a Senior Policy Advisor.   

Lea’s background includes managing and growing some of Australia’s largest commercial solar portfolios, designing and leading high impact energy savings programs and working relentlessly to promote ambitious climate change policies.

She is also a registered lawyer specialising in intellectual property matters, has completed a Master of Environment and is committed to mentoring climate champions.

treeJie Fan

Communications and Media Manager

With a background in communications and media studies, Jie came to Australia in 2015 to pursue a Master of Environment with a focus on sustainable agriculture and food systems. 

Having grown up in Beijing, China, Jie experienced the impact of climate change and environmental degradation firsthand.  The sandstorms and polluted air and waterways remain in her mind and drive her ambition to make a difference.   Environmental education and advocacy are her preferred tools. 

Jie joined the Treecreds team in 2021.

Outside work, Jie enjoys nature and hiking. She’s also clumsily growing her food on a windy 22-floor balcony in Melbourne CBD and loving the company of her pets— thousands of residential worms in her indoor worm farm.  You may also find her practising Taichi and talking to the trees at Flagstaff gardens.

treeRichard Thomas

Treecreds Founder

Richard has worked as an environmentalist and ecology-based artist for more than 30 years, following an early involvement with anti-whaling campaigning during the ‘80s. His interests and passions, both as a conservationist and artist, relate to the complex systems of nature, particularly forests.

Concerned about climate change and the deterioration of earth’s ecosystems, Richard conceived the idea of Treecreds alongside his colleagues in the arts and entertainment communities. 

Richard spends a significant amount of time tending to his beautiful property in Tasmania and spreading the word about his other creation, Wormlovers.

treeChristopher Coe

Treecreds Founder

Christopher has worked in interactive media and creative development for more than 30 years. In his role as director of his own MediaNet Productions, Christopher worked extensively with large-scale music events like the Big Day Out.  It was here where he developed an understanding of the complexities involved in the production of such large-scale events, as well as their importance in terms of social education and environmental-impact management.  

Christopher is also a successful recording artist.

treeZsolt Reggel

Treecreds Founder

Zsolt describes himself as a creative entrepreneur, humanitarian and networker.  His dedication to environmental sustainability begins at home, with the organic farm that he manages in the Byron Bay hinterland.

Zsolt is the founder of Hydrofunk Records and is responsible for taking Treecreds to Fuji Rock Festival, where he manages a renegade bar that sees all profits donated for relief work in Nepal.