Sustainability Initiatives

With a focus on innovation and impact, here are some examples of other sustainability initiatives we at Treecreds have taken on for the broader community.

Personal ashtrays

With the majority of our partners stemming from the event and festival sectors, Treecreds is very familiar with what takes place at large events, particularly attitudes and actions towards waste and recycling. In general, sustainable waste management and cooperation of punters has greatly increased in the last decade. But so have the number of very large festivals held on pristine land.

When it comes to improving sustainable practices at large events, the relevance of behavior change programs cannot be underestimated.  Particularly, from the the perspective of the punter.

Despite a decrease in the number of smokers, realistically it still happens, and it tends to increase when people are out enjoying themselves. Managing waste at large events is no easy feat; collection of cigarette butts only exacerbates the task.

Why ashtrays?

Treecreds decided it wanted to play an active role in trying to change behavior towards avoidable littering by using its influence at festival gates. By handing out personal ashtrays upon arrival we seek to make people stop, think and really consider what they have been doing up until that point. We hope presenting them with an alternative can influence people to modify their behaviour for the sake of better environmental outcomes.

The Treecreds personal ashtray is intended to make such a change, as it is:

  • cheap
  • simple to adopt
  • sets a strong precedent amongst friends repeatable.

Our personal ashtrays also are:

  • Easily emptied out when needed
  • Fun, simple and easy-to-use
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Strongly sealed ensuring odours and ash are safely trapped inside

Please contact us if you want to know more or want to purchase them from our online shop.

Recycled trees

A number of seasons ago, the Treecreds team were sharing some green thoughts on seasonal treats and the idea of the recycled Christmas tree was born. In collaboration with our friends at Boxwars, we designed, manufactured and launched a 100% recycled cardboard tree. The swing-tag best describes this little treasure which is still available from our shop.

This Treecreds Christmas tree you see
Made locally, is carbon free
Though its brown its truly green
And helps to keep the climate clean

It was not dug from out the ground
But made from cardboard boxes found
Its offset too and has a function
In saving forests from destruction

It won’t drop needles on your floor
Like Christmas trees you’ve had before
Decorate with Christmas tiz
Or simply leave it just as is

When Christmas is all said and done
And finished with the festive fun
These trees go in recycle bins
And get made into other things

If you buy these trees this season
Know that there is one more reason
You’ll get some stuff Christmas eve
Cos Santa knows you’re saving trees.

Please contact us if you want to know more or want to purchase them from our online shop.