Assessment Services

In order to allow your business to monitor specific emissions, plan emission reduction and implement offset strategies, Treecreds offers a suite of detailed assessment services.

How we help

Depending on your requirements or the nature of your event, we assist you in designing an assessment that will take a detailed look at the area/s of most concern.  Once we know what you need, we then reach out to our broad list of subcontractors who support us in providing independent and highly technical analysis. All findings are delivered in an easy to interpret report and will always incorporate recommendations that our technical consultants have noted along the way.

Categories of assessment

  • Energy, Water and Waste Assessments
    Treecreds engages independent consultants to provide energy, water and waste assessments of your business operations. This allows you to document usage patterns, as well as develop or improve management plans.
  • Transport Assessments
    Treecreds has spent much time and resources building a valuable transport calculator to enable our clients to gain as much information as possible through the carpass program.

As part of the program, Treecreds personnel collect relevant transport details from incoming vehicles.  We extrapolate the data beyond the sample size of data collected to enable us to delve deep into the logistics and impact of transport emissions to and from events.


After your event, we provide you with a report summarising the results of the transport assessment including,

  • total estimated greenhouse has emissions from transport
  • average number of people per vehicle
  • impact of passenger buses on total emissions

and much more.