The average Australian accounts for approximately 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions each year. Our climate has, and will continue to be, seriously impacted; new measures and ​great ways to combat ​climate change can no longer be disregarded.

Together with transitioning to renewables, Treecreds believe that maintaining and preserving our forests should be a priority.

Saving trees, saves our climate

Treecreds® is an accredited provider of carbon-offset solutions and sustainability services, particularly in the arts, event and music industries. We support, manage and promote forestry related projects in order to initiate awareness of how relevant trees are for maintaining a healthy planet.

Our aim is to inspire and enhance conservation standards throughout Australia and across the planet.

Founded in 2007, Treecreds® comprises a savvy team with combined backgrounds in the music, entertainment and environmental sectors.  We seek to deliver a creative edge in arriving at the best way for your business to embark on a sustainability journey and tell your story.

  • Fact:

    To date, we have purchased and retired 8,711 forestry related carbon credits.

“Treecreds was established in 2007 and since then has worked with clients, locally and nationally, to provide a carbon offset service that invests solely in forest projects. We have proven that the concept of selling carbon offsets in avoided deforestation resonates with the market and more importantly works.”

Chris Coe
Treecreds Co-Founder

Taking action

Climate change through human activity is now indisputable and its devastating effects are increasingly being felt around the planet.

Deforestation is responsible for nearly one fifth of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as massive loss of biodiversity and degradation of land and water resources.

There is an increasing level of global awareness and desire from individuals and businesses to validate the environmental credibility of their actions.

Though the green revolution has barely begun, it is slowly becoming common practice for socially responsible companies to have an environmental impact strategy or sustainability statement as part of their profile. People are finally seeking a social license to operate.

“I am delighted to be able to say that Treecreds has not only survived, but gradually grown in what is a very challenging voluntary carbon market. Like-minded organizations continue to approach us and through these relationships we tailor programs that have those most impact and audience reach.”

Lea Lewin
Treecreds Director

Forestry services

We believe in saving our forests, rather than planting new ones.   

Treecreds® is one of the few organisations in the world to specialise in providing a unique carbon offset program for your idea, event or business ‐ one that invests solely in forestry related projects.

Additionally, we can prepare sustainability reports; provide a consultancy service for efficiency, best practice and waste management strategies, greenhouse gas emission, energy, water and waste assessments, as well as help you deliver high impact marketing campaigns.

As an environmental assessment and consultancy service-provider, we’ll help your business every step of the way with securing its environmental credibility.

“Treecreds has been an invaluable part of our environmental program since 2013, working collaboratively with us to not only offset, but reduce, our overall carbon footprint from patron transport.”

Tara Benney
Strawberry Fields Festival

Marketing services

Treecreds® understands that a critical aspect of implementing sustainable business practices is communicating to your marketplace and clients.

Treecreds places huge importance on helping facilitate this communication, working closely with its clients to help them develop meaningful narratives that tell their own environmental story. Treecreds also works extensively with talented artists, musicians and designers to help bring these stories to life, incorporating high impact and interactive strategies for reaching target audiences.

Some examples of Treecreds initiatives include:

  • Preparation of promotional material, both print and online
  • Carbon neutral tickets and events
  • Eco-art installations that communicate your environmental message.

We have worked with numerous music festivals, venues and online ticketing companies and had long-term involvement in large corporate events. For example:

  • MONA recently employed ​Treecreds ​to offset 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide generated through the Dark Mofo project they host in Hobart each winter
  • Since 2009, RACV has engaged ​Treecreds​ to assess and then create a carbon neutral event for their annual RACV ​Energy Breakthrough​
  • We have assisted Sidney Myer Music Bowl in generating carbon‐offset‐tickets throughout two summer seasons
  • Treecreds have run a ​Car-pass​ program at leading music festivals ‐ Boogie, Rainbow Serpent and Strawberry Fields ‐ enabling the purchase of over 8,000 tonnes of forest‐saving carbon credits to offset travel to and from the festivals.