We’re not the only group out there, fighting for sustainability and better environmental event management. 

Through our friends network, we can help to spread the word.

A Greener Festival (AGF) is a not-for-profit company committed to helping events, festivals and venues around the world to adopt environmentally efficient practices. AGF provide information, education resources and facilitates the exchange of good ideas.  Training, consultancy and sustainability reports are tailored to events after undergoing a thorough assessment process covering all aspects of environmentally sound event management. AGF also offer worldwide industry recognition and support for festivals on their green journeys. Founded in 2007, AGF were the first organisation of its kind to introduce environmental assessments for the festival industry. Over 10 years it has established a global presence, working with over 350 events in 25 different countries.

B-Alternative is an Australian-based environmental consultancy group focusing on environmental education, waste reduction and Earth-friendly products. They provide practical, eco-friendly solutions to schools, festivals, businesses and venues.  Treecreds is very supportive of how they roll-out these solutions – by sourcing and supplying truly compostable products and packaging, providing ethical resource recovery and waste management services, and raising awareness through earth-focused conversations for schools and events. 

B-Alternative believe that while ‘sustainable’ initiatives get people’s attention, it’s regeneration that will truly create the impact required to heal and rebalance this beautiful planet.


Boxwars is an eclectic group of individuals who come together to build armour using cardboard, to then choreograph events in which they destroy the cardboard builds. Treecreds partnered with Boxwars to design and build a range of cardboard trees made from recycled cardboard.

Composting Toilet Systems provide waterless composting toilet products and services that offer sustainable, safe and hygienic systems to treat human waste, save water and produce a usable compost end product. They have been managing the composting toilets and water infrastructure at major festivals for over 10 years, as well as created a mobile hire unit for events and composting toilets for people’s homes.

Creative Environment Enterprises: The CEE team have provided consultancy services and run sustainability projects across Australia, New Zealand, India and Europe. We have assessed and implemented sustainability plans for the world’s best designers, festivals and leaders in sustainable energy for both government and industry. We have collaborated with number of award winning organisations and innovative initiatives in both sustainable energy and resource management.

Green Chief Sustainability is passionate about helping events reduce their environmental footprint, by doing the physical dirty work that is often required for great results. Whether it’s creating compost solutions or crunching data to improve carbon efficiency, Green Chief Sustainability is there to help its clients get it done.

Green Music Australia is harnessing the cultural power of music and musicians to lead the way to a greener world. Many musicians want to reduce their environmental impact but don’t know where to start, so Green Music Australia aims to make it easy by providing tools, case studies as well as hands-on support, while partnering with others across the sector to make change happen.

Hydrofunk Records is an independent Australian hip hop record label that represents a number of Australian leaing acts including the Resin Dogs. Hydrofunk support and facilitate connections and relationships between Treecreds and a range of artists and festivals that are committed to introducing sustainable practices.

The Last Straw is a campaign to end the use of the plastic straws in venues around Australia. It aims to tackle the issue from both sides: encouraging consumers to use less plastic straws, as well as encouraging businesses to give out fewer straws through staff training and information.

The Melbourne Rainforest Action Group (MRAG) undertakes research, education, advocacy & non-violent direct action to protect rainforests worldwide. MRAG is committed to supporting indigenous self-determination and building alliances between indigenous organisations in Australia and abroad. MRAG works in solidarity with the Caminantes Collective that represents nearly all the indigenous tribes and organisations in Ecuador.

Wormlovers has the products, the passion and the know-how to help turn food waste into nutrient-rich plant food that is both delicious for worms and good for the planet. Wormlovers is a specialist in worm farming processes and products, and are the leading worm composting service provider in Victoria, supplying worm products to the public, and provide worm farming services to councils, schools, businesses and organisations.