Wormlovers is a Melbourne-based social enterprise specialising in worm farming, composting and small-scale gardening products and services. Wormlovers have the knowledge, products and passion to provide onsite nutrient cycling solutions for councils, businesses, schools and organisations. Wormlovers won the Melbourne Award in 2017 for their contribution to environmental sustainability.

We have learnt that for every kg of food waste that is composted, the equivalent of 1.9 kg of CO2 is saved from entering the atmosphere Along with reducing transport and electricity emissions, composting organic waste with a worm farm or other composting system is one of the most significant and immediate actions we can take to help reduce emissions and contribute to a safer climate. So a partnership with Wormlovers was a no brainer for Treecreds. Worms, soil, food, compost, trees, climate – they are all connected!

As well as helping draw thousands of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere through their core business, Wormlovers offset all transport emissions with Treecreds each year.