Frank Wild

Frank Wild is quickly becoming one of Australia’s leading sustainable events agencies.  They are genuinely committed to finding holistic solutions that support event stakeholders that inspire and encourage clients, suppliers and guests to ‘tread lightly’ through the events they coordinate. Their motto is to produce high impact events with low impact on the environment and it has landed them work with some big names including Google, Australia Open and Marvel. 

With a growing team of savvy project managers, designers and experimental producers on staff the results are impressive and certainly set a high benchmark when it comes to sustainable builds.

Treecreds partnered with Frank Wild back in 2018 when we were briefed to build a carbon calculator tool that would enable the agency to undertake material and product assessments of the impact of their builds with precision.  The Tool continues to be developed and serves a valuable role in driving choice for sustainable products over more carbon intensive ones.

With an ambition to foster carbon-positive solutions that will lead and transfer the event industry, Frank Wild is what Treecreds considers the perfect client, partner and change maker.