Boogie Festival

Boogie Festival is a boutique music event held every Easter about an hour from Melbourne, and is committed to working towards maximum sustainability. Now in its 10th year of operation, Boogie Festival has always committed sustainability initiatives. For some years now, Boogie Festival has engaged Treecreds to conduct onsite energy and waste audits of their event. These assessment results allow Boogie’s carbon footprint to be determined, reduced and then finally offset accordingly. Treecreds endeavours to continue working with the organisers to assess for the reduction of water, waste and emissions at future festivals with the assistance of A Greener Festival.

Proudly, Boogie Festival was the first festival to adopt the Treecreds Carbon Carpass and for many years Boogie Festival punters have thrown 100% support towards the Program. Other Treecreds initiatives at Boogie Festival have included free return train tickets to help further reduce the festival’s carbon footprint, a ban on disposable containers and bottled water, as well as a full recycling of all organics onsite using a permanent vermiculture [worm farm] system.

Boogie Festival remain festival leaders on the sustainability front.

For Boogie 2019, we sold 488 vehicle passes translating to a purchase of 73 tonnes of forest saving carbon credits in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Project in WA.  We are currently assessing transport survey results.

Car-pass – Boogie Festival 2016