Our fourth phase of support for the children of Nepal

Outside of our carbon emissions mission, one of our ongoing programs is our work with Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival and the children of Nepal fund. The fourth phase of support to the children of Nepal from the Posh Tomato fund of Fuji Rock Festival 2019 has now been completed to two schools.

  1. Shree Saraswati Niketan Secondary School on 29 January 2020
  2. Shree Narayansthan Elementary School on 2 March 2020

Shree Saraswati Niketan Secondary School is a community school, situated in the city centre of Kathmandu. There are 600 students in the school, and among them, 35 students has been selected as they are low income family students and most intelligent students in the class. They were given the following things to encourage them in their studies:

  1. A dozen notebook
  2. School bag printed with famous saying, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.
  3. A dozen pencil, colour pencil, eraser and a pencil sharpener for grade 1 to 3
  4. Geometric box and a set of 10 ball pen for grade 4 and 10.

Shree Narayansthan Elementary School is situated at Panchakhal, Kavre district, which is about 45 km from Kathmandu. There are 95 students in the school, and among them, 75 percent come from low caste “Dalit” families, like Miraj and Bika. Low caste families often have low income and a low standard living. All were given a tracksuit with school name and logo printed.

We received reports that the students from both the schools were very happy to receive such support, with the students promising to study well in the days ahead. The students, teachers and parents were very grateful and thankful to Fuji Rock and Posh Tomato!

Here are some photos taken during the distribution ceremony. The joy in the children’s faces!