3rd Phase of supporting the children of Nepal

Outside of our carbon emissions mission, one of our ongoing programs is our work with Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival and the children of Nepal fund.

On 1 July 2019, the third second phase of our support to the children of Nepal was completed, using the funds collected from Posh Tomato Sake Bar during Fuji Rock Festival 2018. It was distributed to two schools at Manikhel village of Lalitpur district.

This village is only 46 km from Kathmandu yet it seems like quite a remote village, due to poor road conditions. The journey there is a rough mountain road and it takes almost three hours to get there from Kathmandu. The people living there are mostly working in agriculture and overall, the economic condition is not so good there.

The two schools the Nepal fund has contributed to are:

  1. Shree Gyanchhachhu Basic School (40 students)
  2. Shree Guru Basic School (50 students)

The fund has shared with us that they have distributed tracksuits to all the students, along with some sporting goods like football, volleyball, badminton and skipping ropes. An English alphabet chart, Nepali alphabet chart and numerical chart for elementary students have also been distributed.

Through the Nepal fund, we have been informed that all of the students are very happy to receive these items.

In addition to the students, the teachers and parents are also very happy with the support. It is expected that this small support of the new outfits and the sporting goods will encourage the students in their study and they get the mental refresh. All are thankful to Fuji Rock and Posh Tomato.

Here are some pictures taken during the distribution program.