Supporting children of Nepal at Fuji

As part of our programs, at times we have the opportunity to contribute to projects that are broader reaching. One such example is our work with Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival and the children of Nepal fund.

On 5 July 2018, the third phase of our support to the children of Nepal was completed, using the funds collected from Posh Tomato Sake Bar during Fuji Rock Festival 2017. It was finalised at one of the Schools at Itahiti village of Lalitpur district, situated at the south of Kathmandu.

Even though the village is not so far from Kathmandu, the economic condition of the people living there is not so much good enough. At the public school of Shree Ganesh Basic School, most of the students are from the families who are considered below the average living standard.

To the total no. of students of 55, we have distributed a bag, a dozen copy, a dozen pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser and geometry box to each and every student. We have also provided 2 footballs, 1 volleyball, 1 basketball, 2 sets of badminton racket/cork, 2 sets of table tennis bats/balls, and 5 sets of skipping ropes to the school.

As part of this project, our local team have spent time explaining and discussing the fund with the teachers and the students. They are very thankful and grateful to Fuji Rock and Posh Tomato. All the students, teachers and parents were very happy to receive these items. They said it is the first time those stuff have been donated.

Attached below are some pictures taken during the distribution program.