Celebrating a decade of environmental activism

Treecreds celebrates its 10th birthday this year, although it is an environmental NGO that grew from humble beginnings. Back in early 2008, a normal group of friends were picking wilted flowers out of each other’s hair backstage at the Lillypad; the eclectic side stage of Australia’s infamous Big Day Out festival. While the bands were still playing, the conversation turned quickly to climate change, as it quite often did for this group of friends.  

Richard Thomas and Chris Coe often bantered together about ways that festivals could lower their environmental impact and reduce waste, and identified what a great platform a festival could potentially provide for communicating the environmental message. They were also particularly passionate about wanting to address the alarming rate of deforestation across the globe. The pair started to look into avoided-deforestation projects that were taking off, impressed with how these projects were generating carbon credits, and wanted to get involved themselves.

As such, Treecreds was formed with the primary vision of raising awareness about deforestation across the globe, and the dramatic effect that it is having on climate change.

Soon after, experienced environmental crusader Zsolt Reggel joined the blossoming Treecreds team, as did Lea Lewin as Managing Director.

Over the past 10 years, Treecreds has worked with a broad range of clients that ranges from corporations like RACV, across to world-renowned music festivals like Rainbow Serpent, through to landmark Melbourne venues like Myer Music Bowl.   

Treecreds has supported its clients in assessing their carbon footprints, and during its 10-year lifespan as an environmental NGO so far it has facilitated hundreds of sustainable solutions. Treecreds has worked on multiple successful marketing campaigns, created hugely successful initiatives like the Treecreds Carbon Carpass program, designed a recyclable Christmas tree and launched a personal ashtray program, among many others.

Here at Treecreds, we’re committed to working hard to find forestry-based carbon credit projects that match the needs of our clients. We’re also committed to working on projects of the highest quality,  which not only sequester carbon but have plenty of other benefits too, which include supporting local indigenous communities, preserving natural habitats and other environmental initiatives that have gained international verification and accreditation.  

Treecreds is looking forward to continuing to pursuing its environmental goals, and working with its wonderful range of clients, for the next 10 years and beyond.