Throwing support behind Rainforest Action Group

Treecreds has announced it will be entering into a supportive partnership with the talented and motivated team from Rainforest Action Group (RAG), a Melbourne-based collective with a history in environmental activism that stretches back to the late ‘80s.

Beyond the core forest-based carbon offset projects that Treecreds is involved with, there is much more work to do, and it’s our goal to work with and support with organisations that share similar missions: which essentially is to protect, preserve and build more forests.  

RAG are committed to circulating information on forestry issues, as well as undertaking non-violent direct action that aims to play a role in securing the planet’s ecological future. Currently, RAG is campaigning to support the Rainforest Information Centre with its goal of rescuing nearly 2-million hectares of protected forests and indigenous reserves in Ecuador, which have been handed out to multinational mining companies by the Ecuadorian government. This video how desperate the situation has become in the country.

Treecreds will provide regular updates about its supportive partnership with RAG.