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Treecreds® is an accredited provider of trusted carbon offset solutions and sustainability services, particularly in the arts, event and music industries. We support, manage and promote forestry-based projects in order to initiate awareness of how relevant trees are for maintaining a healthy planet.

We work with individuals and businesses to assess and reduce their environmental impact, help message and promote those efforts, whilst enhancing conservation standards throughout Australia and across the planet.

Celebrating 10 years of sustainable management

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Reducing forest loss has multiple benefits for ecosystems, people, and tackling climate change.

Our Mission


    Acknowledge opportunities to run and attend better events; having less impact on environment around us.


    Look around, appreciate, and adopt alternative solutions that will reduce emissions associated with an event you are organising or attending.


    Promote your actions and share your vision with others; encourage others to take responsibility too.


    Support climate change mitigation projects for unavoidable emissions by your event.

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We believe that carbon offsetting plays an important role in mitigating the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment. Use our Carbon Calculator and you can completely, or partially, offset emissions through the purchase of forestry based carbon credits with Treecreds.

Join our movement and become an official volunteer. Find out how we make change happen, and what you can do to help to realise this vision.

We are working together with other like-minded organisations and friends to bring about sustainable event solutions. If you are interested in joining our cause or have an initiative you think we might be able to support, please get in contact.